Writing and Publishing Christian Fiction

Amanda Cleary Eastep

If you’re a writer, you may find this post helpful–especially if you write fiction and are working hard toward being published…

A question I often get from writers is how I naturally (or “gently,” as some readers have said) meld faith and fiction in my children’s books. I answer this question and others in this interview with Timarie Friesen of the GCD Writers’ Guild:

A big question many of us have—integrating faith into fiction. What have you learned works, and what do today’s readers want regarding faith-based fiction?

What readers want varies, even among a Christian audience. That’s why it’s imperative to know your ideal reader as well as your publisher’s audience—which shouldn’t differ widely, or you likely won’t be contracted. Many of my readers are from homeschooling families or families who actively practice their faith and want their children to read books that don’t shy away from God, religion, and the Bible. However, most kids and their parents also don’t want catechizing. My rule of thumb for making faith part of the story is 1. Tell a good story. 2. Make faith authentic to the characters.

On Writing christian fiction for publication | GCD

For an example of this, as well as the rest of the interview, visit the Gospel-Centered Discipleship website. And be sure to check out their Writers’ Guild!

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