A special invite for my blog readers

I wondered: How could I bring my blog followers, Instagram friends, and Tree Street Kids readers together in one space to serve you all better…AND escape the whims of the social media algorithm gods? The answer…

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New YouTube Channel!

Welcome to our new YouTube channels with a read-aloud of chapter 1 from Jack vs. the Tornado!

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Twisters and Big Book Announcements

By Amanda Cleary Eastep For the book announcement, skip down the page to The Third Tornado! The First Tornado “Is this a war?” That’s what I remember thinking when it happened. We were driving back from a family reunion on a long stretch of road that cut through Midwest corn fields . . . acre […]

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Holding the wild story in small hands

My father had watched the rabbit’s nest for days and didn’t see the mother return. Still heartbroken over the event and not realizing then that the mother was probably caring for the remaining babies early in the morning, he decided we needed to rescue them…

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The power of your naming…

As much as I hate the “tell us your name and something about you” exercise, I planned for this time of introduction with teen writers to be a little more creative . . .

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Settings: the places that shape us

All the seconds run together now, and clocks don’t seem to matter much. Maybe they never did in a place where time and work and rest were measured more by when the rooster crowed and the sun set . . . when the rain came or didn’t and the first frost threatened. 

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Staying resilient, slaying parasites


The man made a beeline for me.

I, and a few authors, had just finished leading a discussion about the importance of the voices of “midlife” writers.

This particular writer, who had been in the audience, almost seem dazed–eyes glassy, lips parted as if what he needed to verbalize hadn’t fully formed yet and was resting between them.


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From Here to Hear

This is a rare morning of solitude. Sitting in the gray light, I feel the damp air sift through the screen door behind me as the smell of rain lays itself across the skin of my bare neck and right shoulder.

I’m listening.

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