Jack vs. the Tornado

Press release – Synopsis – Content Preview – Endorsements

The Hunt for Fang

Press release – Synopsis – Content Preview – Endorsements

Author Q & A

Amanda Cleary Eastep on the World of the Tree Street Kids

Radio & Podcast Interviews

Karl and Crew Mornings, Moody Radio Chicago

Shepherd’s Pie with Antony Kolenc — Faith, Anxiety and Youth

Simply Stories podcast with Emily Humphries — Stories of Faith, Growing Up, and the Moral Imagination

Storyjumpers Podcast with Andrew Jackson — Coming 2022

Ken and Deb Mornings, Moody Radio Quad Cities — Summer reading interview!

Isle of Misfits with Nancy Carmichael — Click here a fun discussion about kids’ books, ’90s sitcoms, literature analysis (no, really!), and how it all relates to God writing our stories.

Along Came a Writer with Linda Kozar — Click here to hear our chat about the Tree Street Kids books, “clean” fiction, tornados and bullies

Off the Bookshelf with Greg Bullen — Click here then scroll or Search for Amanda Cleary Eastep

Sunday Night Live with Kim Weir — Click here to hear the interview

The Wednesday Bookmark with Care Baldwin, CHRI Radio, Ottawa — Click here to hear the interview


Redeemed Reader

“It isn’t easy to find contemporary middle grade fiction about ordinary childhood that doesn’t sound like it was written to impress adults. Amanda Cleary Eastep, who writes from her own observations of her children’s experience and clearly enjoyed her research . . . nails it.”

Reading Is My Superpower

“Beverly Cleary’s Ramona series and Paula Danziger’s Amber Brown books have long been favorites of mine, but it’s been a long time since I’ve read another children’s author whose writing style is just as charming – and I’ve found that in Amanda Cleary Eastep.”

The Banner Magazine

“In this fast-paced, adventurous, and humorous novel for children ages 8-12, author Amanda Cleary Eastep effectively characterizes a young protagonist who is aware of God’s presence in his life, yet wonders why difficult things happen to him, as well as adults who are, refreshingly, nurturing and loving though flawed and imperfect.”

Midwest Book Review

“This new series is especially and unreservedly recommended for family, elementary school, and community library collections for young readers.”