Books & Trailer

Some words build houses in your throat. and they live there. content and on fire. –Nayyirah Waheed


The Tree Street Kids middle grade series from Moody Publishers

Book 1: Jack vs. the Tornado

Book 2: The Hunt for Fang

Book 3: Lions to the Rescue!

Book 4: Mystery in Crooked Creek Woods

Book Trailer, Books 1 & 2

Other Publications

“Life Lessons for Anxious Kids,” a five-day YouVersion devotional adapted from Jack vs. the Tornado

Celebrate Kids, Pursue What Matters Newsletter–Curating what your children read

The Glorious Table–The Final (or Possibly Second-to-Last) Frontier

Sunday school curriculum for author Asheritah Ciuciu’s advent devotional Unwrapping the Names of Jesus

Ladybug magazine, Cricket Magazine Group: “Alexander Forrest Roy Carlton William Jones”

The Friend magazine: “Snow Soup”

Zondervan Publishing–Back cover/catalog copy for young adult science fiction authors Bryan Davis, Robert Elmer, Bill Myers, and young adult author Nancy Rue

Christian Ed. Publishers, San Diego–Themed short stories and Bible story retellings for Sunday school curriculum

Story Warren, Hello my name is . . . (and why it matters)

Think Christian magazine

Fleetwood Mac and Landslides that Lead to Blessing

My Daughter’s Muslim Christian Bible Study

Gentlewomen of the Road

IIT magazine

It’s Alive! It’s Alive, FrankentoyMobile Sparks Imagination

From g-Force to V-Force

2 thoughts on “Books & Trailer

  1. hello, i would like to ask if there would be a fifth book of the tree street kids. if so can ruby and jack start liking each other and could midge start her own little club. also can they all go to the same school and can midge start her own little club with kids her age.
    P.S. love ur books


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