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Guest Blog Posts & Non-fiction

The Perennial Gen (co-founder)

Christianity Today

The Many Faces of Distance Learning” May 2016 issue, print and online — The reasons for choosing distance education are as varied as the types of students who choose it.

Pressing On Toward the Goal” May 2015 issue, print and online — Three recent graduates share the highs and lows of distance learning and what kept them going as they pursued their degrees online

The Mudroom Blog

The Disquiet that Calls You Back to the Fire

Think Christian magazine

Fleetwood Mac and Landslides that Lead to Blessing

My Daughter’s Muslim Christian Bible Study

Gentlewomen of the Road

Aging Tree magazine

The ABCs–and Ds–of Medicare

Fighting Battles in War and in Life, a veteran’s story

More articles at Aging Tree

My Marketing Cafe, “Four Offline Marketing Tactics that Can Get You Long-term Results” 

Spin Sucks, “Business Authenticity: What a Klingon Taught This Renaissance Woman”, Freelance success story

Woman’s Day, Kids Korner


Essays and Fiction

Topology magazine (formerly catapult magazine)

Sound of a Calling (Throwback Thursday feature)

Paper Sack

She Heightened My Awareness of the World and I Didn’t Know It Until Now

Taking a Red Crayon to a White Wall

Bruised Peaches Taste Sweeter 

Tesser Well

10 Things You Didn’t Know You Learned from Barbie

An Apology to the Pig Farmer’s Son

Evening Retreat

Wedding Photos (l-r) Joy, Pain, Forgiveness 

What a Friend We Have in Guilt

Word Woman, Wyrd Woman—anthology of women writers in Chicago: “Hattie’s Journal”

Hairtrigger 9 & 10—anthology, Columbia College, Chicago: “Sings a Blue Heron”


Public relations and Marketing

IIT Stuart School of Business

Trinity Christian College and other Chicago area colleges

Tyco Fire Protection Products

Security First Insurance Company

PASS pregnancy care centers

Bible League

Children’s Writing 

Zondervan Publishing–Back ad copy for young adult science fiction authors Bryan Davis, Robert Elmer, Bill Myers, and young adult author Nancy Rue

Ladybug magazine, Cricket Magazine Group: “Alexander Forrest Roy Carlton William Jones”

Christian Ed. Publishers, San Diego–Themed short stories for Sunday school class materials


Local Chicagoland newspapers including a weekly humor column “Just a Thought”

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