The Tree Street Kids series

A funny, exciting, and educational (shh…don’t tell your grownups) middle grade series for kids 8-12!

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Meet Jack, Ellison, Roger, Ruthie, and Midge . . .

The Tree Street Kids live on Cherry, Oak, Maple, and Pine, but their 1990s suburban neighborhood isn’t all quiet, tree-lined streets. These friends find adventure in every creek and cul-de-sac and God’s big love in one small neighborhood.

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Jack vs. the Tornado


BOOK 1, CROWN NOMINEE 2023-24: When you move to the suburbs, there are some things you just can’t pack—like your grandparents (for obvious reasons) and the best hayloft fort in the world. But Jack Finch has a plan to get himself back to his beloved farmhouse forever. Only three things stand in his way: a neighbor in need, a major discovery, and tornado season.

“The Tree Street Kids series is full of adventure and is a flat-out good read! As a young reader, I grabbed a book that encouraged my faith and devoured it. I think the same thing will happen as children read this series. Bravo!” —CHRIS FABRY, author and host of Chris Fabry Live on Moody Radio

The Hunt for Fang


BOOK 2: Jack and his friends learn some survival skills at the church’s summer camp. They’ll need them! Determined to find Ruthie’s lost cat and protect Jack’s new puppy from Fang, the local wildlife, the kids head deep into the woods. Just when they think they’ve cornered the “enemy,” the kids realize someone else has gone missing. 

“The Tree Street Kids will be one of those book series you and your kids want to read again and again. These neighborhood kids are so funny and real and engaging; they seem like they might just live next door. I treasure books that tell great stories and point children to God. Yes, both things are possible, and Amanda does it well.” –JAMIE JANOSZ, managing editor, Today in the Word; author, When Others Shuddered: Eight Women Who Refused to Give Up

Lions to the Rescue! SELAH AWARD WINNER 2023


BOOK 3: If getting tackled is the best way to make new friends, that’s okay with Jack. After all, starting fifth grade at a new school is even rougher than pee wee football. But how can he join the Lions and help Ellison build the Most Epic Bookmobile Bike Ever? Jack devises the perfect game plan–until he fumbles it with the most epic fail ever and a game day disaster.

“The Tree Street Kids is a fantastic family read-aloud series and also perfect for your curious elementary-aged child to read alone. Homeschool families: the series works really well for devotional or morning basket time as a way of applying Christian principles to everyday situations kids face.” –DANIELE EVANS, 22-year veteran homeschool Mom, writer at The Curriculum Choice

Mystery in Crooked Creek Woods


BOOK 4, SELAH AWARD FINALIST 2023: Something fishy is going on in Crooked Creek Woods. Does it have anything to do with the weird lights coming from Ruthie’s neighbor’s yard? Or are the kids’ imaginations running away with them? After all, Jack and Ellison have been hard at work writing a mystery. The Tree Street Kids decide to investigate. Not only do they discover what’s been hidden for centuries in the woods, they also learn about placing their trust in the adults who love and care for them . . . but not before placing themselves in peril.

“The Tree Street Kids series takes readers on an adventure through a world of mystery, problem-solving, wit, and joy. Expect three-dimensional characters who feel like friends, escapades worthy of any growing imagination, and conversations that strike at heart-depths with a delightful dose of laugh-out-loud humor. With smart, fun homage to literary detectives of yore, Mystery in Crooked Creek Woods is an enchanting medley of all the best story ingredients, brought to life by Amanda Cleary Eastep’s gifted hands. It’s the sort of book that’s a privilege and joy to hand to my kids. My own middle-grader calls these books ‘great adventures with life lessons.’ Win-win!” –AMANDA DYKES, award-winning author of Set the Stars Alight

Books 5 & 6, coming in 2024 and 2025!

Is this “clean” fiction?

This term is often used with adult, as well as juvenile, fiction. The easiest way to define this is to compare “clean” to a G-rated movie. By that definition, my books are G-rated (with a bit of “mild peril” in the adventures). I write from a Christian perspective, and although the faith of some of the characters is an obvious part of their lives, these stories of friendship will also appeal to kids of different faith traditions and backgrounds.