Cyber Monday book deal! Half off a whole book :)

Hello, everyone, this is a quick note to let you know that the four books in my Tree Street Kids series for young readers (8-12) is 50% off today only, Monday, Nov. 28, at Moody Publishers. Here’s the direct link to get the special pricing.

The series makes a great gift for kids and their grownups and will keep young readers engaged over the holiday break with funny, hope-filled stories.


I started this children’s writing journey decades ago. But I still find it hard to believe I’m “suddenly” four books in. Right now, I’m working on more ideas for the series and also have picture books in process. Yesterday, my younger daughter told me that she used my journey as a classroom example of how you should never give up. The truth is, I have “given up” lots of times over the years since my early childhood dream of publishing books for kids like me.

We often tend not to value the very work God gifts us to do. Can you imagine handing your child something you’ve lovingly created just for them as a way to discover who they are…something that will help them know you better…something that will serve others, and then watching them question the gift? Disregard the giver? Set it aside?

There’s so many reasons we may quit writing. Quit teaching. Quit painting. There are certainly times to rest from our labor. After conceptualizing, writing, editing, and marketing four books in 2 1/2 years, my brain needed a break. The surprising thing was that when I thought it was time to get back to work, I realized my main motivator was “should.” Not joy. Then I had a conversation with a friend. Out of that came the idea of “shedding the should.” So, I’ve waited a bit longer to return to the page. I’ve prayed and dreamed and surrendered my calendar.

The anticipation of writing again is growing. The joy is returning.

That isn’t to say publishing isn’t hard work. It’s harder than most people think, which is one reason many of us have manuscripts in file cabinets instead of in front of editors.

This is to say that in this season, I hope you’ll look anew at whatever work you’ve been gifted to do. It’s value is inherent because of the Giver, because he gave it to you, and because he wants you to use it for others.

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