A special invite for my blog readers

Amanda Cleary Eastep

It’s been a while since I blogged. Writing four books in 2 1/2 years will do that to a gal. But I have been “micro” blogging on Instagram (book_leaves) and have enjoyed building a community of book lovers, many of whom are homeschoolers, writers, and fans of children’s literature, including my Tree Street Kids series.

I wondered: How could I bring my blog followers, Instagram friends, and Tree Street Kids readers together in one space to serve you all better…AND escape the whims of the social media algorithm gods?

The new Book Leaves Newsletter!

I’m inviting YOU, especially, to join me there because you’ve been following this blog for a while. Of course, I can’t simply add your email address to the newsletter list, so I’m asking if you’ll consider clicking the link and signing up to receive the newsletter. (And would you share this post with a friend?)

Subscribers receive 3 FREE downloads that will be fun and helpful for families of young readers, including fun mazes and an easy how-to for parents whose devotion to family devotions is, uh, kinda undevoted; then in each Book Leaves newsletter…

🌰In a nutshell—BRIEF (and sometimes nutty) reflections to help tend the reader’s and writer’s imagination (plus occasional updates from our mountain homestead and future retreat cottage)

🐛Bookworm food—Book recommendations, primarily children’s; links to The Kids’ Table book review videos

🌳Word on the Tree Street, aka, “Da Bomb Shelter Report”—Tree Street Kids series news; free printables for families; fun facts; contests and giveaways

🌱We are the branches—An inspiring quote that feeds faith and creativity

The first newsletter goes out in early April. And I hope each one feels like a warm welcome into the writer’s woods because you’re invitedBook Leaves Newsletter!

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