The power of your naming…

This is a new version of a previous post that I’m thrilled to be sharing at Story Warren. . .

By Amanda Cleary Eastep

Hola, me llamo . . .

I filled in my name big and purple on the adhesive name tag and stuck it on my shirt, the one with the bold graphic of Totoro, a Japanese anime character. Anime always serves as a good conversation starter when I lead writing workshops at the local teen center.

That evening, 16 young writers were seated around the long wooden table. At each seat was a clipboard with bright green paper to write on as we explored ways to build good characters in our stories. And at each seat, a name tag. “DJ” already had hers stuck to her forehead, her strawberry hair swooped down on either side.

As much as I hate the “tell us your name and something about you” exercise, I planned for this time of introduction to be a little more creative . . .

Read more at Story Warren!



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