Wander on Purpose docu-series is live! Watch it now.


By Amanda Cleary Eastep

I’m not sure why I jumped at the chance. Maybe it just sounded fun.

I’m not one to come out from behind written words and the pretty copyright-free stock photo, so taking video footage during my local hikes was a new outlet.

When my friend, filmmaker Erin Dooley, invited hikers to record their walks and discuss themes like anxiety and the benefits of being in nature, my elder daughter and I accepted.

Erin was walking Ireland’s Wicklow Way at the time, and I joined her in spirit via a week-long series of posts. For the docuseries, I–and other hikers from around the country–shared our thoughts as we walked trails and neighborhoods and lighthouse stairs.

If you are a hiker/walker, enjoy nature, or just want to hear our thoughts on finding healthy habits, courage, surprises, trust, joy, purpose, and meaning check out the three-part series (Mac and I are in episodes 2 and 3).

Episode 1: Healthy Habits

Episode 2: Joy, Anxiety, Trust, Hurt

Episode 3: Surprises, Purpose, Worthlessness

Episode 4: Meaning and the Mundane


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