Wander on Purpose docu-series is live! Watch it now.


By Amanda Cleary Eastep I’m not sure why I jumped at the chance. Maybe it just sounded fun. I’m not one to come out from behind written words and the pretty copyright-free stock photo, so taking video footage during my local hikes was a new outlet. When my friend, filmmaker Erin Dooley, invited hikers to […]

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Watching the sun set, because it’s ok to know how it ends


By Amanda Cleary Eastep About 50 of us spread out along the shoreline. Silhouettes, and strangers joined only in our intention to witness the big event. The sun isĀ about to set on the Gulf. I had run ahead of my husband as soon as we parked along Gulf Blvd., because I was sure the sun […]

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Fall Walk

While the title Fall Walk aptly summarizes a post about taking a walk on a lovely fall day, it also brings to my mind our life journey, beginning with our first steps. Walk, fall down, get up again. Try not to fall, at least not as hard as the last time. For me, a perfect […]

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