A simple prayer from the woods


By Amanda Cleary Eastep

The narrow path teaches obedience and strength and trust,


But be sure to make room for others.


Be sure-footed,

trail roots

But remember to look up.

forest sky

Stay deeply rooted,


But know there is forgiveness after a fall.


Grow where you’re planted…even in dark places,


But let the light in, too.

Don’t follow the crowd,


But find good companions.


Stand tall,


Stand alone,


Stand together.


Resist temptation.


But be green and be wild.


Realize everything has a purpose.


And live yours well, so that when you’re finished, the fruit of it will feed others.


“Act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.”





7 thoughts on “A simple prayer from the woods

  1. Life and all of its experiences, good and bad, easy and hard pressed has taught me much. I have learned to appreciate the little things more. Not that I hadn’t I felt before, but not to the highth and the depth of what I now experience. I am truly blessed to have what I feel, the best that life can provide. Nature, my freedom to walk the woods and become part of it, if only for a season. Your words are deeply felt Amanda. You have the Holy Spirit within you and life’s experiences of pain. Pain of which I feel all good writers, poets and artists need to experience in-order to appreciate each gift given a bit more. God bless you sweet pea, Auntie Linda

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