A simple prayer from the woods


By Amanda Cleary Eastep The narrow path teaches obedience and strength and trust,   But be sure to make room for others. Be sure-footed, But remember to look up. Stay deeply rooted, But know there is forgiveness after a fall. Grow where you’re planted…even in dark places, But let the light in, too. Don’t follow […]

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How to Pray Like a Refugee


By Amanda Cleary Eastep From out of the desert of Africa, my daughter brings home the custom of praying with your eyes open and your hands held out, palms up, as if you are just that expectant, that trusting, that bold. The first evening she is back at our house church after five months of perspective […]

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Thankfulness from Behind the Rubber Mask

By Amanda Cleary Eastep As the days grow colder and closer to change in my life– children stepping outside the radius of a mother’s embrace, the loss of income that helped put a roof over our heads, separation from my daughter as she leaves for the mission field– emotions rush beneath my skin, which I wear loosely like a rubber Halloween mask […]

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I Lift Up My Eyes

Thousands of people halt their activities at certain times throughout the day to turn toward their god and pray…unfortunately Muslims in Indonesia have been facing the wrong direction.

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