Seismic Shift or Gentle Nudge (& a sneak peek!)

Sneak peek, dear Readers! You will find the rest of this post about “faith shifts” in a new space I’ve been building with author and friend Michelle Van Loon.

MORE on that SOON!

By Amanda Cleary Eastep

I always imagined that someday I would be one of those people who younger Christians look at with a wistful expression and say, “She is such a pillar of strength. Nothing shakes her. She’s a prayer warrior…it’s like she has some kind of God Bat-phone.”

So far that hasn’t happened.

I’m waiting for the Seismic Shift, for the tectonic plate of my second-half-of-life faith to overtake the first-half-of-life faith and form a mountain that raises me up to God.

So far that hasn’t happened either.

“Shouldn’t I look a lot different by now?”

I was nearing my 50th birthday and re-evaluating my relationship with God–especially my level of trust in him–when I shared this contemplation with my husband. (Thankfully, he didn’t say, ‘Honey, you look A LOT different than you did when I married you.’)

Lovingly tearing his eyes from his instructional golf video, he answered: “How do you think you should look?”

I knew instantly. The answer to such a question usually lies in the area of your life most needing to change…


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