Viking Easter follow up

Our eclectic Easter dinner—sans juniper berries for our Danish Ham–Viking Style—was delicious, and despite our Viking-like appetites, we were unquestionably more polite and Christian. 


All the new recipes (see prior post for the links to those) turned out well. Keenan added a salad of fresh greens, mint leaves, blackberries, and pear vinaigrette. And a flourless chocolate cake. Meg’s Caribbean sweet potato salad added a bit of pirate to our Viking. 


In honor of the unintended Viking theme, Mackenzie became intentionally carried away and drew some pictures. 


In the spirit of Easter, we all took part in the pagan egg hunt. 

Although the whole family wasn’t together—Dan was manning the grill in Kentucky—we did have a surprise visit from my beautiful niece Kathleen and her boyfriend Mike… 

the company of a hard-boiled egg that looked a lot like my ‘eggs’-husband…!/video/video.php?v=420579980624  

and fond memories of Easters past. 

Easter 1994?


Mandy and Brian...awwwwwww

2 thoughts on “Viking Easter follow up

  1. The ham looks amazing! And Mack’s picture of the easter bunny and the viking cracks me up! 🙂 Love you and miss you and so glad you had a wonderful Easter.


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