Celebrate Easter like a Viking

As I was growing up, my family served holiday staples. Except for the Thanksgiving when my grandmother let me loose in Czimer’s meat market and I chose alligator steaks and lion ribs. That fed my hesitant family and fed my craving for the exotic.  

The kids and Dan and I love cooking and love food. Lots of different kinds. But holidays are no place for traditional food in this family. This is a time to feed our favorite guinea pigs…  

What I’m planning to cook–Danish Ham Viking-style: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/tylers-ultimate/danish-ham-viking-style-recipe/index.html (Let’s not question the appropriateness of celebrating Resurrection day Viking style. I’m pretty sure they weren’t there for the first Easter.)  

ham like the Vikings like ham


Megan is going Caribbean Sweet Potato Saladhttp://www.preparedpantry.com/Newsletters/vol5iss6-26-rff.htm  

we're losing the peanuts


Mackenzie is once again making her signature (not yet a tradition) Traditional (HA!) Roasted Chicken with Herb Stuffing:  

not a tradition yet despite its name


Keenan plans to make a salad (Vikings LOVE salad) and a flourless chocolate cake.  

We’ll share that recipe and actual photos of our Caribbean Viking Traditional Easter Dinner next week. Happy Easter!  

And does anyone know the best way to boil an egg? We’ll be hunting for them just like the Vikings did…  

egg viking

2 thoughts on “Celebrate Easter like a Viking

  1. I had to share the recipe with my Danish friend and my Swede friend (who is definitely a Viking descendant) and they are dying 🙂 I think that recipe will be used in quite a few households.


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