“Do you know what I know?” The truth about the Three Wise Men


By Amanda Cleary Eastep For me, it was more shocking than discovering Santa wasn’t real. Despite all the Christmas pageant memorization I endured growing up Lutheran, it wasn’t until high school when I realized that the Three Wise Men WERE NEVER AT THE MANGER. The whole nativity scenario my classmates and I had played out each Christmas Eve for proud […]

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The Advent of Impact

By Amanda Cleary Eastep We are parked in the middle of a dark road in the Wisconsin countryside on our way home from my first ever grown-up New Year’s Eve party in my cousins’ basement. Cousin #1 is wondering why cousin #2, who may have sucked down a few too many Pabst Blue Ribbons, isn’t behind us […]

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The silence of Christmas

I chose moments this Christmastime to be silent. (Right now my husband is saying, Where was I?) By that I don’t mean I wasn’t DOING something, but they were intentional acts that bring me a feeling of peace. Wrapping gifts while listening to Christmas music, baking my grandmother’s butter cookies. I was longing for some traditional […]

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