Free Tree Street Kids devo for anxious kids

Are your kids feeling as anxious as you are these days? This past year, maybe like no other, has been a test of…well…everything. My kids are grown now, and I can only imagine what 2020+ has been like for parents of young children.

Oddly enough, my children’s book Jack vs. the Tornado, which released April 6, tells the story of a 10-year-old boy named Jack Finch who does NOT like uncertainty, but has to deal with it in big ways.

As part of the release of books 1 and 2 in the Tree Street Kids series, I also wrote “Life Lessons for Anxious Kids,” a FREE 5-day, devotional available through the YouVersion Bible app.

Each day uses a fictional vignette adapted from Jack vs. the Tornado to help kids find comfort in uncertainty:

🏠 Day 1 Moving to a new house

😥 Day 2 Feeling as if your problems are bigger than a house

👦🏻 Day 3 Making new friends

⛈ Day 4 Being scared when the world seems dark

🌪 Day 5 Feeling anxious about–everything

Here’s a peek at the Day 1 story:

A brief Scripture reading starts off each devotion. Key words from those verses then become “words to hold on to”–just a few kids can memorize and pray or meditate on when they need encouragement and strength.

The YouVersion app is free, and you can find “Life Lessons for Anxious Kids” by searching the Plans.

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