“eggplants”–a way to teach kids about Jesus’ death and resurrection

My six-year-old proudly held up his Styrofoam cup full of dirt.

I knew his teacher was using the planting of marigold seeds to teach the children about death and resurrection.

“They’re my flowers,” he announced, despite no sign of life. He then pointed to the wooden barrel sitting on the corner of the patio where, each May, I planted herbs and geraniums. “Can we plant them?”

It was early spring. I glanced at the huge barrel, then down at the cupful of soil and dead seeds.

The world would have said, they don’t stand a chance, especially with the unpredictability of Midwest winters.

But I’m a gardener, so I told him to start digging . . .

Read more at All Mom Does to see what happened . . . and for a fun “eggplant” activity to do with your kids!

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