Look Out, Labor Force. Generation X is coming…right after our hip replacements

By Amanda Cleary Eastep

“I’m a Millennial in a Gen Xer’s body,” he said.

I was interviewing the former VP of concept and design for McDonald’s for an alumni magazine article. In recent years, his career trajectory had shifted from corporate to the social and public sector, which included a stint in Kenya helping a start-up provide sustainable sanitation to the urban slums of Nairobi.

I understood what he meant. Depending on what research you reference, Millennials are entrepreneurial and given to volunteerism. Supposedly, so are Gen Xers.

And as much as I was tempted to title the article, “This Is What Gen Xers Are Capable of…So, Nyah,” I knew it wouldn’t do anything to convince the world.

I was coming to understand this more and more as, at 50, I began searching for work that was creative and flexible and fit my recent entrepreneurial venture of starting my own business.

How Millennial of me.

But honestly, I’m tired of generational segmentation. It’s a marketing thing that has less to do with understanding groups of people and more to do with sales.

READ MORE…at The Perennial Gen and find out where the aging population — power to the Gen Xers — fits into the future work force.


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