Leaping in Faith: A willing suspension of disbelief



By Amanda Cleary Eastep

I’ve always wanted to skydive. To feel my heart about to come out of my mouth, to stop myself from vomiting upward into my own face, to fall and be yanked back in the nick of time.

But leaping didn’t happen that way. I decided it would be way more fun to quit my day job and freelance write full time. Like the guy in The Shining.

I’ve never jumped off anything before. Except the jungle gym on the grade school playground. I remember sitting on the edge of the parallel ladder thingy and looking at the ground far beneath my dangling feet…

Read more about the LEAP at Overflow where I’m honored to be writing the anchor post this week and joining other great bloggers for the continuing #wholemama series.

7 thoughts on “Leaping in Faith: A willing suspension of disbelief

  1. No groaning; all cheering. Regardless of the outcome. You took that leap. That is a success in and of itself. You are chasing your dream. That is never a groan, disappointment, or anything of the (negative) like. Chasing your dream can only be seen as a cheer…and if it means some roadblocks on the way, well those are just roadblocks and opportunities for lessons learned for your next leap. Go with the wind (and your heart!)! You have my utmost respect and support!!!


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