Who comes in when the world goes out?


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By Amanda Cleary Eastep

Tonight at House, Pastor Chuck talked about one of the most common regrets of the dying…that they didn’t spend more time with their friends.

He focused on the friendships of Jesus and the traits good friends possess. The theme of friendship was also the focus of my recent guest post on author Jamie Janosz’s blog.

In it, I share two conversations with best friends that reminded me of grace during the most devastating time of my life.

One Confession, Two Conversations, and One Story of God’s Grace was inspired by study questions in her book When Others Shuddered, Eight Women Who Refused to Give Up.

Why are [women’s] friendships so crucial? How have friends ministered to you in times of need?

How would you answer?



5 thoughts on “Who comes in when the world goes out?

    1. Hi! So glad you liked it. Thank you for reading. I am always uplifted by what you share as well (although the comments never work when I try to leave one). Grateful though we have the chance oy share over the many miles.


    1. I definitely would, Ruth. It has a history, a great Chicago connection, and incredible stories of Christian women (some more well-known than others) that would be of interest to both men and women. I actually meant to discuss this possibility with you. I’ll give you my copy to read. Also, I think I could persuade the author to come to campus and speak if she is in the area!


      1. Thanks Amanda, I’ll be back July 1 and would love to read the book. I just prayed about this yesterday, asking God to guide me On choosing a book for this fall. He never fails us. Ruthie

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