Planting spinach in a snowstorm

It’s only January 5.

And day two of another snow storm in Chicago.indoor gardening

Not one to be thwarted from anticipating planting season by a foot of snow, I remembered that I have these two lovely empty tea tins from Trader Joe’s just begging to be filled with dirt.

planting containers


While shopping for storm supplies, i.e. toilet paper and milk, I found one of the last bags of potting soil on a shelf far opposite the 75% off Christmas lights.

I am a person intrigued by contrasts. Potting soil among Christmas clearance, germinating seeds against a backdrop of snow…

indoor gardening


I punched a couple drain holes in the bottom of the tins and snipped a few holes in the plastic bags I thought might keep the tins from rusting too quickly.

indoor gardening




I filled each with potting soil, and planted a few of the spinach seeds left over from spring and summer.

indoor gardeningI’m also a person who enjoys anticipation and having something to nurture. This will bring me a certain peace and possibly a salad despite the cruel cold outside.

Spinach germinates quickly, although I’ve never planted indoors except to start seeds for spring planting. We’ll see what happens around mid-February.

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