Part 2: Near and beer to our hearts–Indy microbreweries

In case you missed Part 1, Near and beer to our hearts.

The next stop on our short list of microbreweries took us to the nearby art district of Broad Ripple. With all our visits to this area, I’m not sure how we missed this place right on Broad Ripple Avenue with the giant 3.

THR3E WISE MEN Brewing Co., 1021 Broad Ripple Avenue

A big 3

THR3E WISE MEN is “bustling” for sure, just as the TravelHost article said. I never hung with a college drinking crowd when I was young but did on this afternoon. We sat at a HIGH table with lots of a-little-younger-than-we types who I imagined could be in danger of falling to their deaths from the chairs after a few too many samplers.

We ordered two samplers, deep-fried pickle chips and homemade potato chips.

Dan dons his beer glasses.

Although the appetizers were good, we didn’t feel like we had consumed much of meal, and it was around 5 p.m.

Me: Well, you up for one more place?

Early riser Husband: Hm, I think the journey may end here.

Me: What? But we haven’t hit all the (3) places on our map. Let’s do one more! (Really, it’s not much of a journey without a folkloric trichotomy.)

What we’d come back for: The beer is really good. Best brews were the citrusy Centennial Martyr Double IPA and the Hubbard & Cravens Porter (made with locally produced H&C coffee. Yes, coffee. It’s what’s for breakfast in college.)

What we wouldn’t come back for: The company of people who think we’re professors. The food that is just made to keep you from getting drunk too fast.

Check out…

Part 3: Barley Island Brewing Company, in which we discover beer can be dessert and Dirty Helen is not the chick at the end of the bar.

3 thoughts on “Part 2: Near and beer to our hearts–Indy microbreweries

  1. Well you made this wine/tequila/vodka/gin drinker want to sip on a few beers! Only if you and your early riser husband were with me. We could be our own folkloric trichotomy 🙂


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