Finding a feast in the fast

What your mother says when you eat too many Fruit Loops: “You’re going to turn into a Fruit Loop!” 

Following this line of motherly reasoning, I will soon morph into one of several vegetables. I’m wondering which one.   

I am halfway through my second week of the three-week Daniel Fast, based on the few Bible verses when Daniel refuses to eat the food of the king. Which loosely translated means no sugar, no meat, no dairy, no leavened bread, no alcohol. I’ve eaten a lot of tomatoes and peppers, but I don’t quite see myself as these veggies…or are they fruits? I’d say if I were a vegetable, I’d be goulash. 

Speaking of delicious ways to combine veggies, here are a couple of dishes I made during the first week. Vegan recipes have worked well with the diet portion of the fast. 

My family members asked for the recipe. The vegan Italian sausage and tofu give the filling a more meat-like texture.


I made the girls porkchops thinking they might be tired of all my vegetable-invaded recipes. But they were disappointed their plates weren't this colorful.


And yes, there’s a spiritual aspect of the fast: more prayer…less calories (now that’s a miracle). This has been an opportunity to include more people in my requests and praises to the God of love and food. I quickly discovered that when I filled my body with the things He created for me to be filled with, I had more energy, no cravings, and no hunger. In avoiding eating what my body has told me is necessary, I have heard my spirit say that I can be satisfied and nourished by asparagus and mangos. 

I think if God were a vegetable, he’d be a garden. 

For more information on the Daniel Fast:

3 thoughts on “Finding a feast in the fast

  1. Thanks for posting this, Amanda. You’ve inspired me to want to try the Daniel Fast myself! My question is, do I have to be as comfortable in the kitchen as you are in order to succeed at this fast? I mean, one of the main reasons I fall off the healthy-eating wagon is not that I don’t enjoy vegetables (I love them!); it’s that I don’t enjoy preparing my own meals! Are you available for hire as a personal Chef Daniel? 🙂


    1. Interestingly enough I didn’t eat many salads. The Daniel Fast website (and you can get the book at Borders) has some recipes contributed by participants. Also, once you know the ingredients and are well stocked, you can get inventive. For quick meals I had veggie burgers (read the ingredient list) and vegan sausage. You can even look up vegan recipes but have to cut out any leavened bread. I did break my fast on Mother’s Day–accidentally. Mackenzie handed me a peach Snapple as a “gift” and while we were chatting away I took a swig and thought Wow, is this new and improved? This tea tastes amazing! So peachy! So, uh, tea-y! Then I realized it was because I had been drinking only water for two weeks. Mackenzie accused me of sinning then offered to finish it off for me. Evil temptress…


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