Fill your kishkas

[from our Travels (with) aBroad page]

Oy vey!  

Shapiro’s is like eating at my grandma’s…except for all the old Jewish people. Especially on a chilly Spring day that spits drizzle in your face, this old, cafeteria-style family business radiates warmth from the loaves of chewy rye bread, steaming trays of stuffed cabbage and mashed potatoes, and people hunched over plates of comfort.    

 Being in line can leave you a bit fertummelt. Here are some pointers…

  1. Pick up tray and silverware.
  2. Choose dessert—yea, you heard me! Don’t skip this step; the cakes are the 20-layer kind you dream up when you’re a kid and think, ‘When I’m big I’m going to eat cake before dinner, so there!’ Now is your chance.
  3. Decide on your choice of delicious—looking salads in little white bowls.
  4. What will it be? sandwich or hot entrée (comes with choice of two veggies)?
  5. Pay your gelt (money) to the unsmiling cashier (part of the charm).
  6. Choose a table next to the guy with the oxygen tank or the young couple with four kids who are all eating homemade mac and cheese.
  7. Fress (eat like an animal).
  8. Grepse (belch)
 Bigger than it looks here and much better than it tastes when I lick the screen…warm, juicy pastrami. Order it with yellow mustard and Swiss on Shapiro’s own chewy rye. Dan says this is better than the pastrami sandwich he loved as a kid in New Joysey.
 This fried perch reminded me of Friday night fish frys at the Amvets Hall in my childhood town. The potato pancake was thick, with a light chewy inside but fried crunchy crisp around the edges. I chose the beans for color mostly.
Choose dessert first?! What kind of crazy place is this?
How you feel after eating at Shapiro’s.
Still-sturdy tables from the ’70s(?) and wooden chairs worn at the back from being pulled out and pushed in add to the simple charm of this cafeteria/deli/bakery.
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