The Best Thing I Ever Ate

My version of the Food Network show of the same name, which, btw, inspired me to make a breakfast pizza with prosciutto and eggs. Yes, I took a Halloween prank-ish delight in cracking raw eggs right on top of a baking pizza. Please tell me your choices and give the name and place of the restaurant!

1. Lamb shank—falling off the bone into a pool of brown gravy. Sounds violent, but it’s just delicious. Mobavi’s African restaurant, Matteson, IL. And the fruit bread, ginger beer (ouch), and whole red snapper. And the oxtails. And cabbage. On Mackenzie’s bday, Bea, the owner, handed us paper towels to wave in the air while she taught us how to dance like they do in Ghana.

2. Chicken Makhani—Indian butter chicken in a creamy red sauce that you pick up with a warm, bubbled piece of naan (bread). But only with your right hand! The left hand is your potty hand. Taj Mahal, Orland Park, IL, although I’m sure it’s better in India.

3. Elk burgers—one of the best burgers no matter the animal. The noise of families and walls covered with photos of people who have successfully consumed The Big Ugly (giant burger) just add to the flavor. Bub’s Burgers, Carmel, IN.

4. Pastrami on rye with mustard—piled high, warm and juicy, and served cafeteria style at Shapiro’s in Indianapolis, IN. Love eating with old Jewish people.

5. Beer—Total Disorder Porter. Dark, chocolate-y, brewed at the Ram in Indianapolis, IN.

6. Meatballs—the size of your baby’s head. Aunt Millie’s house. Invitation only. Must be eaten at the dining room table with the old lace tablecloth and sticky chairs.

7. White beans and ham—warm, served with Jiffy cornbread. All gone. I miss you, Grandma.

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