Two stories and one picture from the other side


by Amanda Cleary Eastep We stepped up to our ankles in the cold water, careful to keep our footing on the gray and brown mosaic of smooth stones beneath our pale feet. This simple act was a pinnacle moment–leaving our shoes on the gritty sand of the “bonny, bonny bank” and walking together into Loch […]

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Day 1: Finding Healthy Habits as We Wander


That first walk in the woods with my grandmother ushered me into the “wild,” into an environment that was not my neatly mowed yard with the metal swing set and chain link fence.

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Life’s a Beach

Only 45 minutes from our Chicago-suburban home in Illinois is a nice stretch of Lake Michigan beach over the border in Indiana. We time the day to begin with lunch at Depot Dog, which we affectionately refer to as the “weenie wagon.” Meet some of our faves: (l-r) the Razz-Do, chili dog, and Chicago-style Polish. […]

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