Finding our mo’joe

Some hunt for treasure (pirates), others for true love (lonely pirates), and still others for…THE EXCEPTIONAL CUP OF COFFEE.

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The Sound of Calling


My grandmother never imagined when she was sewing the curtains out of the same sunflower- patterned sheets that covered my bed in her spare room that God would see them.

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Brave–but not fearless…

Her mother never told Maribel she couldn’t.

And so from the time she was the child who would come home covered in mud until she was the college sophomore involved in SCUBA diving, horseback riding, and karate, Maribel Melendez-Napoles never let the fact that she was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy tell her she couldn’t either.

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Death of a Friend

While I slept beside my husband, Clare was slipping away, trying to hold on, I imagine, until Charles made it to the hospital just minutes away.

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Feeding Strangers

A brief introduction to the women and children we feed the first Monday of every month…

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