Being Bob Cratchit: What Should You Carry into the New Year?


By Amanda Cleary Eastep Bob Cratchit got fired from his low-paying job on Christmas Eve. Sure, it was a miserable job–the office was freezing in the winter, the hours were long, and he had only one day off each year. Christmas Day. And then there was his boss, Ebenezer Scrooge. As I watched A Christmas […]

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The silence of Christmas

I chose moments this Christmastime to be silent. (Right now my husband is saying, Where was I?) By that I don’t mean I wasn’t DOING something, but they were intentional acts that bring me a feeling of peace. Wrapping gifts while listening to Christmas music, baking my grandmother’s butter cookies. I was longing for some traditional […]

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Paper Sack

Published on catapult magazine, Tradition II edition, December 2011  by Amanda Cleary Eastep Photo Credit: christian associates via Compfight cc There was something about that big paper sack. The weight of it in my small hand promised something wonderful. It was heavy with possibilities, with the chance to share and exchange with my little brother […]

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