Book Updates!

December 6, 2019–Have you ever slidden into home base a split second before the ball hits the catcher’s mitt? I haven’t. But I DID finish the first draft of Jack vs. the Volcano the day before my self-imposed deadline of Dec. 1. It took a minute to feel the relief, to let out the breath I’ve been holding, but I did get on my knees and read a few psalms of praise aloud…alotloud.

Now on to the first self-edit before—GULP and YAY!—the book goes to beta readers! I’m taking a break from social media this month—except for our Thursday #thekidstablebookreview on Instagram—to make more time for editing…oh, and Christmas.

I would SO appreciate a prayer from you as I edit. For clarity and patience and even new vision.

Office (aka local library)

November 25, 2019–This week I started the FINALE of Jack vs. the Tornado. (If you’re a writer and curious, the finale is “beat 14” in Jessica Brody’s Save the Cat Writes a Novel.) Ironically, I was writing the finale as the sun was rising. And my draft was way less spectacular than that amazing sunrise.

This is often how you get a book written . . . in itsy, bitsy, (bumpy) blocks of time . . . When you’re exhausted from 12-hour work/commute days . . . When you’re not sure how the story is ever going to come together. When the sunrise is TOTALLY showing you up. Actually, maybe it was totally cheering me on. Yep. That’s it.

View from the commuter train window

November 16, 2019–Welcome letters have been sent to the moms and dads of the TREE STREET KIDS READERS TEAM members!

These beta readers will be giving me honest (OW! OOCH! YAY!) feedback on Jack vs. the Tornado after they read the first draft at the end of the year.

Can’t wait to send them their official TSKRT pins!