Back-Cover Copywriting Services for Authors

You finished writing your book, now you need help getting people to read it.


That’s where BACK-COVER copy comes in. And it’s a perfect example of “last, but not least.” After the front cover catches a reader’s eye, the back-cover copy needs to entice a reader to open the book!

For many authors, writing this copy is tougher than writing the entire book. That’s because back-cover copy is a type of advertorial writing that requires a special skill set.

That’s where I come in. In addition to blogging, I’m a professional marketing writer. I have written back-cover copy for YA authors Bryan Davis, Robert Elmer, Bill Myers, and Nancy Rue and have written for nonfiction authors, as well.

I offer three packages to fit your writer’s budget…

Best for bang for your Book

  • Draft of back ad copy based on the book synopsis/proposal and sample chapters author supplies
  • Provide up to 2 rounds of edits following author’s review of first draft
  • $75

Copy editing your draft

  • Edit author-drafted back ad copy
  • Offer suggestions for further development
  • Provide 1 round of edits following author’s review of initial edits
  • $50

Back-cover review

  • Read through of author-drafted back ad copy
  • Provide summary review (no line edits or copywriting included)
  • $20

For other copywriting or content marketing writing services, visit my business website at Word Ninja writing and editing.

If you decide to write your own back-cover copy, do your research. Here’s a helpful article from Jane Friedman’s website: Writing Your Book’s Back-Cover Copy