Liked These Best in 2015 You Did


Amanda Cleary Eastep-Living Between the Lines

“Impossible to see the future is.” – Yoda

By Amanda Cleary Eastep

We don’t know what 2016 will bring, but my year-end blog analytics gave me a chance to see what resonated with you in 2015 here at Living Between the Lines.

THANK YOU for reading, liking, sharing, and commenting! If any of the Top 5 posts encouraged you, please share them!

Happy New Year count down

5. Because Your Good Friends will Follow You Out the Window… 

Window_AtticOne after the other, the six of us crawl out my friend’s apartment bedroom window and onto the flat, tar paper roof of Wilma’s Cafe where the farmers gather on Saturday mornings to drink coffee and eat Western omelets after milking or plowing or planting, depending on the season. To me that roof is a wonderland. Forbidden territory. …

4. Why Life Between the Lines Matters More than You Think…


My son once had a dream that he found me dead beneath a pile of dirty clothes. Today, only a few weeks away from being a licensed counselor, he could probably provide me with an irritatingly accurate analysis of that dream. …

3. Quiet Riot…

footprints-sandIn the bed that my father built and painted bright yellow, I wake in the middle of the night. There is a presence that fills the room. Good as Santa but even scarier, so I lie there crying until my grandmother hears me. …


2. When Your Power Ain’t So Super, Woman…

super-kidSometimes your kids think you are invincible. Sometimes we think our children are geniuses. But the truth is that we are all humans. We sin and bleed. We are Clark Kents and only pretend at flying.  We break. We heal slowly beneath our Spiderman bandages. …


1. The Year of Living Courageously…

clouds-gazeCourage calls you to act. If you can do the thing without trembling or throwing up in your mouth or going to God, tugging on his sleeve, and saying, “Can I skip this part?” it probably isn’t courageous. …So what does being courageous look like? …

Thanks, also, to my most frequent commenters! Cheryl, Gayl, Rose, and Cindy (and mom and dad, of course).

Happy New Year everyone!

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