Telling their stories

I love people’s stories, and everyone has one (or many). Working for a Christian college gives me the opportunity to hear many inspiring ones from students and alumni. Although my position in public relations requires I relate these stories “to help the organization create a mutually beneficial relationship with its publics” (textbook definition of PR), I also hope to honor each person and the unique story each is living.

Shedding a Light in Peru–TRINITY magazine, Fall 2010

A young woman whose decisions reminded me of the things my 17-year-old self once dreamed of doing. Support her, if you feel so-called, as she sheds a light in the poverty-stricken villages of Huaycan. Read Lara’s story.

Led to Create a Home for Global Citizens–TRINITY magazine, Fall 2010

“When I was at Trinity,” said Sarah Ippel, “I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be, but I knew what I eventually wanted to do: create something I was passionate about…” Read Sarah’s story.

Brave–not fearless–says inspirational athlete of the year–Triblocal (online and print edition), March 2010

An interview in which I discover that we are truly only limited by our fears…

Dr. Nelvia Brady announces retirement–Trinity’s website, March 2010

I walked into Dr. Brady’s office for the first time in April 2007 to receive my diversity training. She walked up to me, placed the palms of her hands on the sides of my face, and like an aunt who hadn’t seen my since high school graduation, said, “Well, aren’t you beautiful!” She was never so familiar with me again, and I never told her before she left how much I sensed and admired her strength.

Helping, Listening and Fixing in Washington, D.C.–TRINITY magazine, Spring 2010

Deb and I spent 2 hours on the phone, talking like we had already met before and not like this was the first time or a phone interview for her alma mater’s biannual magazine. She shared a story of walking down the street back in the 80s in Palos Heights with her black friends and a white boy on a bike being so startled at seeing the group of them that he crashed. He raced away when she tried to help him up. As she laughed about this, I wished we were talking over coffee in Palos Heights. Read Deb’s story.

Answering a Long-time Call to Africa–TRINITY magazine, Spring 2010

Today Maddy is in Rwanda. I’m pretty sure she may be an angel. Read Maddy’s story.

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